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Welcome to Water Ski Adirondack Chairs .com and Water Ski Furnishings .com where you can order hand-made home furnishings made from vintage water skis.

Products include Adirondack chairs, ottomans, tables, bookcases, wine racks, shelves and picture frames.

Furnishings can be custom designed to your preference.  They can be stained or painted to match each other as a set or be distinctly individual. 

Each item is 100% unique as all of the skis are different.  Items can also be made from waterskis that buyers own.

Visit the PRODUCTS page or the GALLERY page to view the items are available for order and examples of what can be custom built.

All orders can be placed by contacting Brian whose information is on the HISTORY/CONTACT US page or by calling (401)-285-1572.

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